Geography Province to Province

Geography Province to Province
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Your kids will love the full colour, updated pages, with digital worksheets and answer key.

Travel from B.C. to Nunavut in 58 self-guided lessons. This complete curriculum allows students to independently explore provincial geography, symbols, natural resources, population and highlights of provincial history.

Lessons cover topics such as forestry, the oil industry, farming, multiculturalism, manufacturing, fishing, tourism and mining. Interesting educational trivia keeps the students reading. Answer key included.

Suggested extra resources help students and teachers capture the spirit of the people and the land on this delightful trek across Canada.

Topics include:

National geography:

  • Political and physical maps, natural vegetation map

  • Economics: goods and services, production, industry

  • Population: demography, census

Provincial chapters include:

  • Symbols

  • Political and physical maps

  • Resource or industry

  • Population

  • Interesting facts and trivia

  • Suggested literature

Reproducible workpages:

  • Line drawings of provincial, flowers, birds and shields

  • Provincial maps

  • Question and answer

  • Population bar graph

  • Companion resources recommended: Symbols of Canada or Kids Book of Canada

Geography Province to Province Sample Pages

Donna Ward has written several well received history & geography books for home school families including: Courage & Conquest, Canada My Country, Canada's Natives Long Ago, and Africa A Land of Hope.

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