Geography Coloring Book - 3rd Edition

Geography Coloring Book - 3rd Edition
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Don't let the name of this book fool you - this is not a book for preschoolers! Upper Elementary through high school would benefit from the maps and descriptions.

Wynn Kapit, the designer of the extremely popular "Anatomy Coloring Book, " has adapted that same coloring format to the subject of geography. This method of learning has proven to be unsurpassed in developing awareness, achieving retention, and experiencing enjoyment.

    This edition contains:

  • Political maps describing the United States and all the nations of the world according to their regional grouping within a, particular continent.
  • Pertinent data about each state or country, plus fascinating facts of historic, geographic, political, or economic nature. These facts are often related to today's headlines.
  • Physical maps of each continent, illustrating the major rivers, mountain ranges, mountain peaks, and specific land regions.
  • Visual comparisons of size among the countries themselves, as well as to the various states of the United States.
  • Maps, covering larger areas, provide the reader with a bigger picture regarding the location of the country or region under consideration.
  • Maps describing the transformation of the former Soviet Union into fifteen separate nations, and the former Yugoslavia into five new nations.
  • Thematic maps of the world describing weather, vegetation, ocean currents, prevailing winds, population, racial distribution, religions, and languages.
  • Flags of the world are shown organized according to the geographic locations of their countries of origin.
  • Past and future movement of continents over millions of years, plus the location of earthquake and volcano zones.
  • Eight historic land empires (see below) superimposed on modern maps with extensive descriptions tracing the rise and fall of each empire.
  • An index that serves as a dictionary, identifying and locating each entry. This feature can also be turned into a fascinating, dual-function quiz.

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