For the Children’s Sake

For the Children's Sake
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Foundations of Education for Home and School

This is the book that first reintroduced the homeschool community to Charlotte Masons ideas. Susan Schaeffer Macaulay is a homeschool parent and was homeschooled herself. I love her philosophy of education: Education is an adventure. Its about people, children, life, reality! Education can be a wonderful, life enriching, joyous experience. Susan presents the down to earth educational philosophy of the 19th century educator, Charlotte Mason, in this practical and thought provoking book. A must read for every homeschool family.

The Child Light Series consists of For the Children's Sake, Books Children Love and Teaching Children.

For the Children's Sake sets the groundwork with Charlotte Mason's practical, warm, logical, nurturing, educational philosophy.
Books Children Love is a great resource where books are listed under subject areas such as art, geography, and literature.
Teaching Children uses Charlotte Mason's "living books" approach presented by subject and by grade.

No "twaddle" in these books. Just sound educational philosophy, fine literature and living books.

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