Flood Of Noah: Legends & Lore of Survival

Flood Of Noah: Legends & Lore of Survival
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Did you know almost every culture has a worldwide flood legend? It's true! Hundreds of accounts of a wicked world, destroyed by a global flood, have been dismissed as mere myth -- even the historical account of Noah's ark revealed in the Bible. Yet, in every corner of the world, you find these legends of a vastly destructive, worldwide event. They include similar details, such as mankind is almost wiped out, some animals are chosen for survival, a craft or other vessel is provided for safety, and water covers absolutely everything.

What are some of these legends, and what intriguing clues do they contain?
In what ways do they reveal insights about their possible common origin?
What can we learn of pre-Flood history from ancient and archaeological records?

Many point to details familir to those who have read the Biblical account of Noah and the ark. Why are there so many similarities in these legends among so many different cultures? From the astonishing historical flood account of a remote people group in China to the flood legend of Transylvanian gypsies to many other examples from almost every continent, discover a facinating journey of truth. This is exactly what we would expect as they echo an interactive experience of a wheel chart, flaps, mini-books, sliders, foldouts and more! The whole family will enjoy this uniquely beautiful book.

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