Explode the Code: Beyond the Code Book 3

Explode the Code: Beyond the Code Book 3
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Beyond the Code Book 3 - Comprehension and Reasoning Skills

Companion books to the Explode the Code series that reinforce the phonics skills taught.

Book 3's engagingly illustrated stories include Kids Need Pets, What's the Fuss?, Day Care for Dogs, A Fish That Can Fly!, and Kate and the Ten-Speed Bike. Introductory exercises teach word families and vocabulary, while follow-up questions develop students' understanding of the stories and encourage their reasoning abilities. Drawings accompany many of the new words to help students understand the vocabulary. After each story, students can complete illustrations by adding their own drawings.

Skills Addressed
• Spelling patterns
• Sight words
• Vocabulary development
• Sequencing
• Categorizing
• Following directions
• Critical thinking
• Story recall
• Inferential thinking
• Rhyming words
• Multi-syllabic words
• Matching sentences to pictures

Explode the Code Samples:
Explode the Code Scope and Sequence
Beyond the Code 3 Sample Lesson
Beyond the Code 3 Table of Contents

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