Escucha Y Hablemos! Book 1 with CD

Escucha Y Hablemos! Book 1 with CD
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Eschucha Y Hablemos!
Learning spanish for Kids and Adults
Book 1 with Disc, Units 1-5

includes: Hola, Las Frutas, Ma Familia, Los Animales, La Escuela

Unit 1 - greetings, pronouns, names, numbers 1-10, gender, simple sentences
Unit 2 - names of fruit, "this is", simple sentences, colour
Unit 3 - family members, simple sentences, simple questions
Unit 4 - names of farm animals, negative, "there are" form, numbers
Unit 5 - names of teachers, objects, simple sentences, questions

Learning Spanish is entirely oral and pronunciation is key!
10-15 minutes of "speaking" Spanish daily! (lots of practice)
Privacy in learning!
No teacher required!
A great supplement for Spanish class!

This program is designed with a spiral approach. Students are continually building on and adding to previously learned concepts.

Why this program is better...
Learning a language is an exercise in listening and speaking, while getting a mental image of what is being spoken. Escucha y Hablemos provides oral exercises on CD, along with bright and colourful images on every page. Not only does it teach pronunciation, it also provides a fun way to learn vocabulary, verbs & phrases. We learn Spanish to communicate. Those who can speak Spanish often don't because they are self conscious about their pronunciation. Escucha y Hablemos uses a simple one on one approach to developing proper pronunciation. Even children as young as 5 or 6 years old can use this program easily. Repetition is the most natural way to learn a language and this program is so easy to use! Just open the book, turn on the CD and LEARN!

Corresponding Student workbook also available.

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