Elementary World History Package -Master Books Curriculum

Elementary World History Package -Master Books Curriculum
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Go beyond just the facts to an investigative study of world history as a reporter in this uniquely designed course for grades 5 to 8! Follow special tracks of Biblical and Christian history, world events, civilizations, empires, inventions, and technology as a reporter who gathers information, organizes it, and then presents it. Discover:

  • When and where the very first Olympic games took place

  • Which of Noah’s grandsons started which ancient civilizations

One year of history that includes a weekly lesson schedule, student worksheets, quizzes and test, and answer keys.

This special hands-on trip through time 3 to 4 days per week helps students learn about timelines and The Big Book of History

Elementary World History Package includes:
Big Book of History
Parent Lesson Planner
Grade Level
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