Ecoutez, Parlez! Book 1 with CD

Ecoutez, Parlez! Book 1 with CD
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Learning French for kids & adults. Book 1 with CD: Units 1-5

Designed to be self directed Écoutez,Parlez! provides oral exercises on CD, along with bright and colourful images on every page. Provides a fun way to learn vocabulary, verbs and phrases while teaching pronunciation. We learn a language to communicate. Those who can speak some French, often don't because they're too self-conscious about the way they sound. Écoutez,Parlez! uses a simple one on one repetitive approach to developing proper pronunciation. Even children as young as 5 or 6 can use this program easily. Repetition is the most natural way to learn a language and this program is so easy to use! Just open the book, turn on the CD and LEARN. Each book has a spiral approach so the student is always building and adding to previously learned concepts.

Chapter headings:

1. Bonjour
2. Des Fruits
3. Ma Famille
4. Des Animaux
5. L'Ecole

Learning French is entirely oral and pronunciation is key
10-15 minutes of "speaking" French daily (more than in a traditional class)
Privacy in Learning
No teacher required
Also a great supplement to regular French

Corresponding Student workbook also available.

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