Dragons of the Deep

Dragons of the Deep
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Dragons of the Deep

Can the stories of sea dragons be true?

The Bible describes a frightening, huge creature that lived in the sea. Called Leviathan, it had fearsome teeth and armor-plated scales that spears and arrows could not penetrate...A Norse legend tells of a colossal sea creature with many arms that could capsize a sailing ship...In 1918, a group of lobster fishermen in Port Stephens, Australia, reported an encounter with "an immense shark of almost unbelievable proportions" that devastated their catch and left them in a state of shock.

As researchers discover teeth and bones from the past, these stories and many like them are no longer easily dismissed as tall tales. The fossil evidence shows that the oceans once teemed with sea monsters, and some are still alive today. Even some of those thought extinct may still be lurking in the ocean depths today!

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