Critical Thinking Detective - Vocabulary Book 1

Critical Thinking Detective - Vocabulary Book 1
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Vocabulary is a key component of this collection of fun mysteries for grades 5-12. Each activity features between 18 and 25 vocabulary words and every one of them has the potential to implicate or exonerate a suspect. Solving the mysteries requires the reader to evaluate vocabulary words and to analyze and synthesize pieces of information. Critical thinking improves as students assess evidence found through reading comprehension and deductive and inductive thinking skills.

A second activity gives versatility to the vocabulary words as students practice using them in a context outside of a crime. Readers choose an appropriate word from the activity's word list to complete a sentence. When the word lists contain synonyms, students have flexibility in their choices.

These activities and their vocabulary words are not easy, but don't despair. If you take the time to decipher the unknown words and reread, you'll have sharper critical thinking skills and an expanded vocabulary.

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