Creative Writer Bundle

Creative Writer Bundle
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The Creative Writer Bundle consists of 4 levels of The Creative Writer series:

The Creative Writer Level 1: Five Finger Exercises: Breaking down the elements that go into successful imaginative works, The Creative Writer leads aspiring writers through the skills needed to construct each. The assignments, designed to make students more aware of language and more confident in their own ingenuity, build on each other until beginning creative writers have successfully created their own stories, poems, and essays. This book provides a gentle, imaginative introduction to the skills all creative writers need: point of view, characterization, plotting, dialogue, description, and sentence rhythm.

The Creative Writer Level 2: Essential Ingredients: The second volume of the four-book series that guides students into the creation of sophisticated short fiction and mature poetry. Learn to write riveting fiction by mastering the five vital parts of a story: plot, character, setting, point of view, and dialogue. Study the five essential elements of powerful poetry: meter, rhyme, line breaks, sound, and word choice. The Creative Writer, Level Two guides you through an innovative, compelling series of exercises, each one designed to build your skill in the essential ingredients of fiction and poetry. Then, author Boris Fishman sets you free to create your own recipe for gripping fiction and spellbinding poetry.

The Creative Writer Level 3: Building Your Craft: The Creative Writer, Level Three builds on the foundation laid in earlier volumes. Learn to use the fiction toolbox of plot, character, setting, point of view, and dialogue with even more assurance and skill; study the advanced application of meter, rhyme, line breaks, subject, and word choice in poetry. Each level contains directions and instructions for the developing writer, as well as detailed guidance for the mentor or teacher. Exercises scaffold on each other, building towards the completion of full creative pieces in both fiction and poetry.

The Creative Writer Level 4: Becoming a Writer: Guides young writers from idea to polished short story or poem in a single volume. Becoming a Writer also walks students through the transition from study to practice, broadening the series' focus by discussing the writing life--how to find and submit to literary journals, how to develop discipline, and how to persevere in the face of rejection. This series can be used on its own, or as a creative-writing complement to the Writing With Skill series.

Brand/Publisher Peace Hill Press