Challenging the Myths of Autism - LCB

Challenging the Myths of Autism - LCB
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How many times have you heard that people with autismlack creativity? That they reject affection or suffer frommental retardation? As the number of children diagnosed withautism surges, researchers and educators are racing to definethe amorphous nature of this spectrum disorder and its widerange of symptoms. But in trying to characterize this widelyvarying group, people often perpetuate a host of limiting andpotentially damaging misconceptions in the media, in academicjournals and even in textbooks. These myths don't holdup when examined, and they don't reflect Jonathan Alderson'sexperience working with more than 2,000 children and familiesover two decades.

Provocative and meticulously researched, Challenging theMyths of Autism looks at the most prevalent fallacies, explainshow they developed, examines why dispelling them mattersand, most importantly, sets out a new understanding that willchange the way parents and professionals view autism. Withexamples from his own practice, Alderson charts a whole newrealm of possibilities for treatment and research.
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