Canadian Flyer Adventures #1: Beware, Pirates!

Canadian Flyer Adventures #1: Beware, Pirates!
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Canadian Flyer Adventures Series - Book #1

The exciting debut title in the Canadian Flyer Adventures series introduces Emily and Mat--and the magical antique sled they discover in the attic of Emily's new home. Suddenly they find themselves in 1577 aboard Martin Frobisher's ship The Aid, anchored in Frobisher Bay. Can pirates be far? As the adventure unfolds, resourceful Emily draws in her sketchbook while inquisitive Matt reports into his portable digital recorder.

With each excursion into the past, Emily and Matt, and young readers along with them, learn about Canada in the most engaging way. Frieda Wishinsky's fast-paced text makes these early chapter books read like simply riveting stories, peopled with wonderful and relatable characters. Dean Griffiths's evocative and meticulously researched illustrations situate readers perfectly in the place, time and action.

This fresh take on Canadian history promises to be a favorite for boys and girls alike, who can get swept up in each adventure and caught up in the series as it continues to grow. Teachers and parents will applaud the accurate and fascinating historical richness of each tale, as well as the additional amazing facts included at the end of each book.

About the Canadian Flyer Adventures series:

Transported back through time on the Canadian Flyer, a magic antique sled, Emily Bing and Matt Martinez experience Canada's past firsthand. Each edge-of-your-seat adventure takes them to a different part of the country at a fascinating point in our rich history. Come along for the ride of your life!

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