Canada is for Kids Volume 3 CD

Canada is for Kids Volume 3 CD
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Fun songs of Canada!
Featuring 13 great new songs about Canada!

Deemed by the CANADIAN CHILDREN'S BOOK CENTRE (CCBC) to be a title of "Exceptional Calibre"

Song selections include: COME TO CANADA - Canada is a land of immigrants. It's a unique characteristic that we all share. BIG WET RODENT DAY - A tribute to our most revered rodent and national symbol. THE KETTLE VALLEY LINE - Riding the rails on this historic railway. LES RAFTSMEN - This lively song was a favorite of the French-Canadian woodsmen in the nineteenth century. DONKEY RIDING - A favourite song in many schools that Michael rewrote to make it truly Canadian. WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER AND FALL - Living in Canada, you never get bored with the weather, so why not dedicate a song to our ever changing seasons? LET 'EM RUN (THE BALLAD OF THE YUKON QUEST) - Held every February, this is the Olympics of sled dog racing and the ultimate test of these magnificent teams. THE ALBERTA NEWFOUNDLANDER - For a while the city of Fort McMurray, Alberta was nicknamed 'Fort McNewfie' because so many Newfoundland and Labradorians moved there to take advantage of the great pay you could make in the oil patch. RATATAT-TAT - Nature is a wonderful teacher, but it can play tricks on your senses! FIELDS OF ROCK AND SNOW - A beautiful, poignant song about the life of some early immigrant farmers in North Ontario. AH! SI MON MOINE VOULAIT DANSER - Try keeping up with this French-Canadian favourite. I LIKE WALKING IN THE WOODS - Woods are a great place to escape to and let both your feet and imagination wander. TELL US A STORY OR TWO - Some unique Canadian limericks.
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