Canada is for Kids Volume 1 CD

Canada is for Kids Volume 1 CD
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Michael has put together a collection of Canadiana songs that tell stories of the people, places and moments in history that help to define us as Canadians.

    Songs include:
    • Something to Sing About- A little Canadian flag-waving
    • Little Trees - written by Michael for the TV program Sesame Street
    • I'se the B'y - a Newfoundland favourite
    • The Island - now the official song of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
    • Farewell Nova Scotia - From the First World War, the song of a man who lost his three brothers at sea
    • V'la l'Bon Vent - a 200-year-old French-Canadian Voyageur paddling song
    • Canada in My Pocket- Michael wrote this song to describe the significance of the symbols on our Canadian coins
    • This Land is Your Land- a true Canadian geography lesson
    • The Log Driver's Waltz- an Ottawa Valley song about the logging industry
    • Lady Franklin's Lament - the quest by Sir John Franklin's wife to discover the fate of his ill-fated Northwest Passage expedition
    • Alberta Bound- A Toronto boy loses his heart to an Alberta girl
    • The Bluenose - the story of the country's most famous schooner
    • Fly High - Michael wrote this tribute to the nation's aviators as a theme song for Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame
    • Canada Is... almost an anthem for this country, and for Michael.

    Canada is for Kids Songsheet

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