Canada My Country

Canada My Country
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Canada My Country

This easy to use, read-aloud text is a delight for both students and teacher. Lessons require minimal preparation but are packed with content, games and activities. Students will grasp the basics in Canadian geography, both physical and political. Chapters on national symbols, government and Canadian freedoms provide the groundwork for future study. Each lesson includes a reproducible activity worksheet. Children love to search for Bucky the Beaver hiding somewhere on each page. This program is a favourite of many parents and teachers across Canada.

Donna Ward has written several well received history & geography books for home school families including: Courage & Conquest, Geography Province to Province, Canada's Natives Long Ago, and Africa A Land of Hope.

Begin with Canada My Country and then move on to Geography Province to Province to continue with your Canadian geography studies, or do an exciting study of Courage & Conquest.

Canada My Country Sampler

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