Camp X - Book 1

Camp X - Book 1
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Camp X
Book 1 of 6 in the series
By Eric Walters

It's 1943, and nearly-12-year-old George and his older brother Jack are spending a restless wartime summer in Whitby, Ontario , where their mom is working at a munitions plant while their dad is off fighting the Germans. One afternoon, the boys stumble across Canada's top-secret spy camp-and so begins an exciting and terrifying adventure as George and Jack get caught up in the covert activities of Camp X.

Fascinated by Camp X and its secrets, the boys begin to suspect local townspeople of being spies. Is the police chief keeping tabs on people for enemy purposes? Is Jack's boss at the newspaper really amassing information for sinister reasons?
World War II is raging throughout Europe, but things seem calm in the sleepy little town of Whitby Ontario. Little do brothers Jack and George realize that the war is closer than they could imagine. Wandering through the bush they are confronted by armed guards who first threaten and then drive them off the property. Were they army guards, or something else - something more sinister? The boys investigate and discover a world of spies and counter-spies and become involved in an adventure where what is truth and who to trust are not so clear.

This novel is based on the events surrounding the real Camp X in Whitby Ontario where hundreds of allied spies were trained during World War II under the direction of Sir William Stephenson, the man called 'Intrepid'.

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