Building Thinking Skills Primary

Building Thinking Skills Primary
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Read • Trace • Write About • Math, Science & Social Studies

Building Thinking Skills provides highly effective verbal and nonverbal reasoning activities to improve child's vocabulary, reading, writing, math, logic, and figural-spatial skills, as well as their visual and auditory processing. This exceptional series provides a solid foundation for academic excellence and success on any assessment test.

The activities are developmentally sequenced.
Each skill (for example, classifying) is presented first in the semi-concrete figural-spatial form and then in the abstract verbal form.

This colorful, engaging 272-page book develops critical thinking skills necessary for success in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and standardized tests in Grades K-1. It uses a series of lessons with math manipulatives and language integration techniques to teach thinking skills. This program is designed to:

- Improve young children's observation and description skills
- Stimulate vocabulary development
- Clarify thinking processes that underlie content learning (observing, describing/defining, identifying similarities and differences, sequencing, classifying, and recognizing analogy)
- Improve students' conceptualization of mathematics, social studies and science concepts taught in the primary grades

The five cognitive skills developed in this series (describing, finding similarities and differences, sequencing, classifying, and forming analogies) were selected because of their prevalence in academic disciplines and their frequency in objective tests. Since improved school performance is an important goal of thinking skills instruction, many variations of each of these thinking skills are promoted in the activities.

Thinking skills are sequenced in the order in which a child develops intellectually. A child first learns to observe and describe objects, to recognize the characteristics of an object, and then to distinguish similarities and differences between the objects. Describing, comparing, and contrasting skills are necessary to a child's ability to put things in order, to group items by class, and to think analogically.

Building Thinking Skills® Primary requires the use of Attribute Blocks and Interlocking Cubes.

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