British History Student Text

British History Student Text
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Observations & Assessments from Early Cultures to Today

A new series from respected educator Dr. James Stobaugh that takes you on a journey through history without the filters of revisionist or anti-Christian perspectives.

This book is designed for a year's worth of study; 34 powerful weeks of historical viewpoints. A summary sets the stage for learning so the student can enjoy a daily lesson with thought-provoking questions, and an exam that takes place every fifth day. With clear objectives and challanging assignments, students investigate ancient and modern source material, all provided.

The following components are included to help develop a student's understanding of British history trends, philosophies, and events:

  • Critical thinking questions based roughly on Bloom's Taxonomy

  • Examinations of historical theories surrounding a period or topic

  • Clarified terms, concepts, and theories to be learned

  • History makers who clearly changed the course of history

  • Overviews and insights into world views

  • Examine the rise of the British Empire that influenced nearly every corner of the earth!

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