Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
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The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
An easy-to-use guide with clear rules, real-world examples, and reproducible quizzes
Now in its new, expanded 10th Edition!

"Never has there been such a well-arranged, easily navigated guidebook as this. It is perfect for the homeschool family. One of the most practical, usable, beneficial resources. It doubles both as a quick reference/study guide and student workbook (with answers in the back)!"

Of this newest edition, the book is expanded; it's nicer and it's fuller.

Grammar - finding subjects and verbs; subject and verb agreement; pronouns; who and whom; whoever and whomever; who vs. which vs. that
Adjectives and adverbs - problems with the proposition; effect vs. affect; lie vs. lay, and effective writing.
Punctuation - spacing with punctuation; periods; ellipsis marks; commas; semicolons; colons; question marks; exclamation points;
quotation marks; parentheses; apostrophes; hyphens and dashes.
Capitalization and writing numbers are also covered extensively.

The Blue Book takes the guesswork out of editing, writing and grammar in general. Study hard and become proficient with grammar; this book is the tool.

This truly is an Easy-to-Use reference guide. This book lists the rules of grammar, punctuation and capitalization in a way that is simple and easy to understand. The last section of the book is a workbook that provides an opportunity to practice the use of the rules. Well organized using everyday language. This guide is a great teaching tool for the homeschool family.

Works well with the WriteShop Curriculum.

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