Blinky Lights Kit 1 Expansion Pack #2 LED IC Chaser

Blinky Lights Kit 1 Expansion Pack #2 LED IC Chaser
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The 10 LED Chaser lights up 10 LEDs, one at a time. When the last LED turns on and off, it starts again with the first LED. The heart of the LED Chaser is an integrated circuit (I.C.) with 10 outputs to flash the LEDs. A lesson on integrated circuits explains how they are connected. This kit also shows how make a traffic light and a back and forth 5 LED flasher (Knight Rider car and Cylon eyes style flashing LEDs). The circuit show how diodes are used to make electricity flow in one direction only to get different flash patterns. A BB400 breadboard is provided to provide extra room for the 10 LED counter circuit.

Blinky Lights Kit required (JRG01-KIT)
Parts from the Blinky Lights kit are required to use this expansion. Basic instructions are included, but the Blinky Lights access code is required to access the full set of instructions online in the club.


3 new types of circuits: 10 LED Chaser, 5 LED Back-and-Forth, 3 LED Traffic Light.
Additional BB400 BreadBoard to provide more circuit building room.
40 Male-to-Male ZipWiresâ„¢.
16 LEDs (12 Red, 2 Green, 2 Yellow).
16 resistors and 12 diodes.
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Format Kit
Warning Choking Hazard - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.