Blinky Lights Kit #1 with Expansions Bundle

Blinky Lights Kit #1 with Expansions Bundle
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Bundle includes:
Blinky Lights Junior Genius Kit #1
Blinky Lights Kit #1 Expansion Pack #1 - More LEDs
Blinky Lights Kit #1 Expansion Pack #2 - LED I.C. Chaser
Blinky Lights Kit #1 Expansion Pack #3 - Buzzer & Buttons

Junior Genius Kits are built for experimentation, learning and fun!

Experience the joy of seeing your first LED light up. The Blinky Lights Junior Genius Kit #1 leads you through 10 core activities, from a simple LED circuit up to more advanced transistor LED blinky light circuits, using standard parts on a real-world breadboard.

Expansion Pack #1 provides additional LEDs, resistors, and transistors to light up even more LEDs with your Junior Genius Kit #1. Some kids just love lighting up lots of LEDs in parallel, so this Expansion Pack gives even more red, green and yellow LEDs. Bi-color LEDs are also provided to experiment with a LED that can be either red or green. On the Junior Genius Club web site we show how to switch multiple LEDs with a transistor so you can flash 5, 10 or more at a time.

Expansion Pack #2 - The 10 LED Chaser lights up 10 LEDs, one at a time. When the last LED turns on and off, it starts again with the first LED. The heart of the LED Chaser is an integrated circuit (I.C.) with 10 outputs to flash the LEDs. A lesson on integrated circuits explains how they are connected. This kit also shows how make a traffic light and a back and forth 5 LED flasher (Knight Rider car and Cylon eyes style flashing LEDs). The circuit show how diodes are used to make electricity flow in one direction only to get different flash patterns. A BB400 breadboard is provided to provide extra room for the 10 LED counter circuit.

Expansion Pack #3 - Learn how to integrate a buzzer and push-button switches into your circuits to build alarms, the Skill Tester game, and more! Build 10 circuits including a Morse Code Transmitter, Flood Alarm, Burglar Alarm, Skill Tester Game, and more!

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