Being Mentally Healthy In Spite of Mental Illness

Being Mentally Healthy In Spite of Mental Illness
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Being Mentally Healthy (in spite of a mental illness) is Elizabeth Anderson's personal journey of mental illness. Easily read, the book offers an honest look at the reality of schizophrenia - for those who live with it and those who care for someone living with it - while providing both insight and inspiration. Anderson includes her "Recipe for Success" which helped her recover and live a good life. Completing this moving schizophrenia memoir are her husband's perspective and comments from her best friend.

Table of Contents:
1. The Storm Before the Storm
2. Brewing Winds
3. The Makings of a Perfect Storm
4. The Tsunami
5. Shelter From the Storm
6. After the Waters Recede
7. Trying to Rebuild
8. Grey Cloudy Days
9. Ray of Sunshine
10. Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
11. The Sun Comes Out
12. Touching the Rainbow
My Recipe for Success
Additional Perspectives

Format Softcover
Number of Pages 176 Pages
Brand/Publisher Being Mentally Healthy Company