Batteries & Energy: Engineer Eco-Battery Vehicles

Batteries & Energy: Engineer Eco-Battery Vehicles
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Batteries & Energy: Engineer Eco-Battery Vehicles

Build and experiment with a new type of environmentally friendly "fuel cell" to learn about electrochemical cells and battery electric vehicles (or BEV's for short). The battery is a metal-air electrochemical cell, a type of bettery that is widely used in small scale devices. It is ideal for demonstrating battery technology because it does not use any harmful chemicals. It uses only magnesium plates, salt water, and the oxygen in the air to generate electricity. Magnesium is considered an eco-friendly renewable fuel because it could be harvested cleanly from ocean water.

Construct 22 models and pwer them with this special battery.
Experiment with different concentrations of salt to see how long your battery can run.
Learn about electrochemistry and battery technology.
Join scientists and engineers around the world in tackling the challenges of building a long-lasting, environmentally friendly and inexpensive battery electric vehicle to reduce the total carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles.

One metal plate lasts as long as a regular AA battery, and six plates are included. Replacement plates are available.

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Warning Choking Hazard - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.