Artistic Pursuits K-3 Vol.6 Art of the Impressionists

Artistic Pursuits K-3 Vol.6 Art of the Impressionists
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This book tells the stories of how the founding artists of Impressionism, working in the quickly changing culture of the Industrial age, made art that stands alone in its colorful expression of nature and form. As young learners create and respond to art of the Impressionists, they will feel empowered to make choices about their art and express ideas in original ways. Each text lesson provides colorful illustrations, artworks by the great Masters, and visual instruction for projects. Video lessons engage learners as they absorb new information on art materials and established techniques. Children work with gouache paint, modeling clay, plaster sculpture, and oil pastels.

Hardcover with Blu-ray and DVD
18 lessons, ONE SEMESTER,
64 pages, 82 images
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Grade Level
Number of Pages 64 Pages
Format Hardcover
Brand/Publisher Artistic Pursuits