Artistic Pursuits K-3 Vol.3 Art of the Middle Ages

Artistic Pursuits K-3 Vol.3 Art of the Middle Ages
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This book is an insightful and uplifting look at art produced in the Middle Ages, from the early Migration Period to the Gothic architecture of France. As young learners create and respond to medieval art, they increase skills vital to learning and achievement including motivation, concentration, and discovery. Children are introduced to the ideology of the period and methods for making art. Included are twelve text lessons featuring artworks by medieval masters and six video lessons featuring art material instruction. Children work with colored paper, needlework, weaving, and oil pastels.

Hardcover with Blu-ray and DVD, 64 pages, 18 lessons, 106 illustrations

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Grade Level
Number of Pages 64 Pages
Brand/Publisher Artistic Pursuits
Format Hardcover