Artistic Pursuits 4-5 Book Two, Color and Composition

Artistic Pursuits 4-5 Book Two, Color and Composition
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Artistic Pursuits, Color & Composition
Grades 4-5, Book Two

A Comprehensive Art Program Designed to Involve the Student in the Creative Process While Develpoing Observational Skills

This book gives students their first in depth look at color theory in a simply written format with lots of color illustration. The element of color is explored in 8 units, completing the student's study of the elements of art. Composition as it relates to color and value is further explored in the following 8 units. Emphasis is on American Art.

- Text is written in a conversationa manner, meaning a stuent can work independentlyl
- A fully year course with 68 lessons
- Four unique projects in each unit inclue an exercise in creativity, art history, and appreciation, techniques, and exploration of various subject matter
- Art appreciation and art history
- Special assignments broaden student's experiences with art materials

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