Apologia Exploring Creation with Botany Junior Notebooking Journal

Apologia Exploring Creation with Botany Junior Notebooking Journal
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with Botany

New in the Young Explorer series of products is the Botany Junior Notebooking Journal. This notebooking journal is much like the original Botany Notebooking Journal, but is designed for younger students or those with limited writing skills. All the lines are primary writing lines (a dashed line between two solid lines), and there are far fewer than in the original journal.

Complimenting Exploring Creation with Botany, the Botany Junior Notebooking Journal will provide everything your students need to complete their Botany studies. The Notebooking Journal serves as your child's individual notebook, providing a place for them to complete every assignment in the book, including the notebook activities, nature hunts and walks, specimen collections and much, much more.

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