Apologia Exploring Creation with Zoology 1 Lab Kit

Apologia Exploring Creation with Zoology 1 Lab Kit
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Exploring Creation with Zoology 1
Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day
Home Science Kit

Science Kit to be used with Exploring Creation with Zoology 1

Using the items in this kit, students will be able to see caterpillars grow into butterflies, observe ants in a homemade ant farm, and display interesting insect specimens. It is certain to enhance students' learning experiences by ensuring that all hands-on activities can be successfully completed (without a scavenger hunt before each one!). And you'll be saving money, since items won't need to be purchased in bulk (for example, buying an entire box of cheesecloth when only a small 6x6" square is required)! Items are packaged in individual lesson packs for ease of use.

Kit includes:
  • Lesson 1: 4 Straws, Cup, Pen, Cardboard, Clay, Tape Measure, clear Tape, Scissors, Construction Paper, White Paper
  • Lesson 2: 2 Outlines of a Bird, 2 Bamboo Skewers, Hanging Wire, Plastic Bag, Sunflower Bird Seed, Wild Bird Seed, Mesh Bag for Suet, 2 Identical Saucers
  • Lesson 3: Umbrella, Cooking Oil, Feathers, 2 Saucers
  • Lesson 4: Chicken Bone, Red & Blue Bowls
  • Lesson 5:String, Real Estate Advertisements, Cotton Balls, Scale
  • Lesson 6: Pencil, Deep Bowl
  • Lesson 7: Square-Inch Math Manipulative, Blindfold, Cotton Balls
  • Lesson 8: Masking Tape, Strapping Tape, Corrugated Cardboard, Paper Plate, Wax Paper, Plaster of Paris, Paintbrush, Tea Bags, Toothbrush
  • Lesson 9: Spoon, Table Salt, Paper Towels, Plastic Container for insect home
  • Lesson 10: Bug Display Box, Jar for insect relaxer, Sand, Disinfectant Wipes, Cardboard Square, 2 Cups
  • Lesson 11: Large Glass Jar, Plastic Bottle, Jelly, Honey, Cheesecloth, 2 Rubber Bands, Sand, Large Paper Plate, Piece of Sponge, 5 Small Paper Plates, nail, Cheesecloth, 2 Small Boards, Magnifying Glass
  • Lesson 12: Needle, Small Square of Toilet Paper, Small Shovel, Styrofoam Cups to collect dirt, Funnel
  • Lesson 13: Spray Bottle, Plastic Container with Lid
  • Lesson 14: Mail-in Certificate for Caterpillars, Hanging Wire, Netting, Sugar, Clean Lid from Jar, Cotton Balls, rubber Band

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD: This kit contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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Warning Choking Hazard - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.
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