Anne's Anthology Hardcover

Anne's Anthology Hardcover
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Following the Footnote Trail
Poetry Popular in the Victoria Period

“When studying the poetry of the Victorian age, should today's literature students read the works of poets that have stood the test of time, or should they follow the ‘footnote trail' left by Victorian writers and read the poetry that consumed their thoughts and prompted their writing?”

“Anne's Anthology is a compilation of poetry which Lucy Maud Montgomery quoted or alluded to in Anne of Green Gables. Many pieces Anne loved, pieces which the girls in Montgomery's readership were familiar with, have been lost from recognition, and therefore the allusions are no longer understood. As you might piece together a patchwork quilt from scraps of loved clothing, you too can treasure the best loved poems from a previous era which have been gathered in this book.”

“Capture Anne's enthusiasm for poetry as she entices you with statements like: “Don't you just love poetry that gives you a crinkly feeling up and down your back?” Anne of Green Gables, Chapter V”

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