Alpha Omega Lifepac Science Grade 8 General Science II

Alpha Omega Lifepac Science Grade 8 General Science II
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Do you want to teach your homeschooling student physical science, but you're not sure where to start? Don't worry! Alpha Omega Publications has the perfect solution—the LIFEPAC 8th Grade Science Set! This two-part comprehensive study of physical science offers ten engaging worktexts with colorful, step-by-step lessons which make learning physical science easy—and fun! In the LIFEPAC 8th Grade Science Set your child will focus on the study of health, the structure of matter, energy, and machines. Lesson topics include: the definition of science, atoms and molecules, acids, bases and salts, health and nutrition, kinetic and potential energy, magnetism, electricity, and much more.

And there's more good news! Alpha Omega Publications knows that science is a subject that most homeschool parents dread teaching, so we've included some components to help make your job easier—and more enjoyable! A comprehensive teacher's guide is included with general teaching resources, detailed teaching notes, complete answer keys, alternate tests, and a complete list of equipment needed for experiments! What could be better? Plus, there are plenty of additional learning resources and activities designed to encourage individualization of the program. Student worktexts include daily instruction, review questions, experiments, and self tests.

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