Alpha Omega Lifepac Science Grade 6

Alpha Omega Lifepac Science Grade 6
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Alpha Omega Science Grade 6

How would you like to teach science to your child using a biblically-based science course with a strong emphasis on creation and the Creator? That's exactly what you'll get with LIFEPAC Science homeschool curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications.

In the LIFEPAC 6th Grade Science Set, your child will develop scientific observation skills as part of instruction in the four major science strands. These strands—life sciences, earth and space sciences, physical sciences, and the nature of science—are an integral part of a complete study of the physical universe which God created. The LIFEPAC 6th Grade Science Set presents science lessons designed to create a love of science in your homeschooling child! In ten colorful, engaging worktexts, your child will encounter step-by-step lessons covering topics such as photosynthesis, body systems, animal and plant behavior, reproduction and genetics, sound and light, the laws of motion, and much more!

But let's take a look at a few more features that the LIFEPAC 6th Grade Science Set has to offer! At Alpha Omega Publications, we think teaching science should be easy—and fun! We've created an essential teacher's guide which consists of general teaching resources, detailed teaching notes, complete answer keys, alternate tests, and a complete list of equipment needed for experiments. Additional resources, activities, and experiments are also included. These features are designed to encourage individualization of the program according to your student's interests and academic ability. Student worktexts, created to foster critical thinking, include daily instruction, review questions, experiments, and regular assessments.

Alpha Omega Science Grade 6 Lifepac Unit 10 Sampler

Alpha Omega Science Grade 6 Lifepac Unit 10 Sampler

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