Alpha Omega Lifepac Math Grade 3

Alpha Omega Lifepac Math Grade 3
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Alpha Omega Math Grade 3

The LIFEPAC 3rd Grade Math Set was designed with you and your student in mind! Because building on a firm foundation is the key to success in math, LIFEPAC Math courses use mastery-based learning along with spiraling review to maintain student success. In this homeschool math program, student's concentrate on mastery of a single skill within a unit, and then move on to conquer new skills in new units.

This system builds a strong foundation in basic math skills which paves the way for growing levels of expertise. In ten colorful worktexts, the LIFEPAC 3rd Grade Math Set presents instruction in the following skill areas: word numbers, addition with carrying, fact families, money shapes, subtraction with borrowing, fractions, coins, weight, roman numerals, graphs, temperature, word problems, times facts, and much more.

Alpha Omega has gone to great lengths to make sure that your child—and you—will love your LIFEPAC math experience!
Student worktexts include daily math instruction and review, as well as ample opportunity for assessment of proficiency. In order to encourage individualized instruction, we have included a teacher's guide designed to help you direct your student's learning according to his specific interests and needs. The teacher's guide includes detailed teaching notes, a complete answer key and lots of ideas for additional activities designed to reinforce important math concepts.

Set contains:
Teacher's Guide
Student Books Units 1-10

Alpha Omega Math Grade 3 Lifepac Unit 1 Sampler

Alpha Omega Math Grade 3 Lifepac Unit 10 Sampler

Alpha Omega Lifepac Scope and Sequence

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