Alpha Omega Lifepac Electives Consumer Math

Alpha Omega Lifepac Electives Consumer Math
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Does your high schooler know how to balance a checkbook? How about prepare his own taxes? If not, Alpha Omega Publications has the perfect answer—LIFEPAC Consumer Math for grades 9-12. This colorful, ten-unit elective covers practical math skills that your student will need to know for everyday use! Invaluable topics taught include family finances, taxes and insurance, investments, travel, and a basic math review. Ten easy-to-follow worktexts include clear, step-by-step instructions and full-color illustrations to help build student comprehension. And student-paced LIFEPAC lessons are always flexible and made for personalized instruction! What could be better?

But why stop there? LIFEPAC Consumer Math comes with a helpful teacher's guide to assist parents too! Filled with valuable information, this must-have resource comes with teaching tips, additional activity ideas, answer guides, and clearly outlined objectives. Plus, this best-selling curriculum uses consistent reviews to help build concept mastery. Teaching self-discipline, LIFEPAC allows your child to learn independently with confidence. And motivating worktexts come as ten individual booklets so your child won't be intimidated by a large textbook! So don't wait any longer. Give your high schooler a firm foundation for building personal finance skills—just order LIFEPAC Consumer Math from Alpha Omega Publications today. This elective is appropriate for students who have completed Algebra I and Geometry.

Alpha Omega Consumer Math Sample Page Unit 1 Worktext

Alpha Omega Consumer Math Sample Page Unit 2 Worktext

Alpha Omega Consumer Math Sample Page Unit 7 Worktext

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