All About Spelling Level 6 Teacher & Student Set

All About Spelling Level 6 Teacher & Student Set
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All About Spelling Level 6: Teacher's Manual and Student Pack

This set of Level 6 Materials contains:

- All About Spelling Level 6 Teacher's Manual
- All About Spelling Level 6 Student Packet

Level 6 in the All About Spelling series contains all of the features and learning tools you've come to expect to help your student master important spelling concepts.

In a practical, hands-on way, your student will learn:

- Clues for when to use -ible and when to use -able to spell the sound of /ibl/
- Strategies for choosing between -cle and -cal
- Exceptions to the I-Before-E Generalization, and easy ways to remember them
- Practice with -il, -el, -al, and -le
- Additional spelling strategies that will help students tackle longer words with ease
and much more!

Sample Lesson Plan:
Level 6 Sample

The All about Spelling Basic or Deluxe Interactive Kit is required for this course.

Download All About Spelling placement test

Format Kit
Brand/Publisher All About Learning
Consumable Contains some consumable pages
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