Aesop's Fables Coloring Book

Aesop's Fables Coloring Book
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It is not known whether Aesop himself drew pictures to accompany his fables and then for relaxation colored them in -- but ever since, his little animal stories with their accompanying morals have been substance for artists and colorists alike. The illustrations to the 46 fables included in this new coloring book were done by an unknown woodcut artist in a German incunabular edition of Aesop dating from 1476. Their quality of both capturing the essence of the fable and inviting any coloring medium made them popular for coloring in the fifteenth century and still make them popular today.

You will be familiar with many of these fables, but if there are some you cannot quite remember, new translations from the original surviving Greek texts have been made to give the right sense of these fables as they have been known since the time in 580 B.C. when Aesop created them.

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