All About Spelling for Upper Elementary

Make Spelling Easy!

Begin with a program with proven success. This is not the typical "list-on-Monday, test-on-Friday" approach! Instead, you'll find dozens of proven techniques that are guaranteed to help your student master English spelling. Your child will learn the sounds of the 26 letters of the alphabet, 45 common letter combinations (such as CK & IGH), and all the tried-and-true spelling rules. With these tools, he can spell 97% of words in the English language. In addition, your student will get solid strategies for mastering the remaining 3% of words, which All About Spelling calls "rule breakers." By All About Spelling Level 7, your student will be spelling at the high school level.

The All About Spelling Interactive Kit (Basic or Deluxe) is required for the All About Spelling program. One kit will work for one child for Grades one through seven. While the All About Learning Letter Tiles App is a fantastic companion to have, is easy and possible to use the traditional All About Spelling Interactive Kit instead. The All About Spelling Interactive Kit contains the letter tiles, magnets for letter tiles, divider cards, and phonogram sounds app needed. You can replace the All About Spelling Interactive Kit with the All About Learning Letter Tiles App, but you will also need to add the All About Spelling Divider Cards.

The All About Learning Letter Tiles App can not be purchased directly from CHER in Canadian dollars. You can, however, use the link below to order directly from the All About Learning website. The price will be in US funds, but because it is a download, there will be no extra brokerage or shipping fees.

If you are a resident of the USA, please use the link below to order all your All About Learning materials.

Letter Tiles App

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All About Spelling Color Coded Letter Tiles
CAD 15.95
All About Spelling Deluxe Interactive Kit
CAD 61.95
All About Spelling Divider Cards
CAD 6.95
All About Spelling Letter Tile Magnets
CAD 7.95
All About Spelling Level 1 Student Packet
CAD 23.50
All About Spelling Level 3 Student Packet
CAD 29.95