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Canadian Home Education Resources

Phonics Games

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6 Letter Sound Games
$41.95 CAD
6 Phonemic Awareness Games
$41.95 CAD
6 Phonics Games
$41.95 CAD
6 Vowel Sounds Games
$41.95 CAD
Alphabet Tracks Game
$20.95 CAD
Beginning Sounds Dominoes
$17.95 CAD
Logic of English Game Book
$35.50 CAD
Logic of English Game Book Expansion Pack
$13.95 CAD
Phonics Games Level B Z
$19.76 CAD $21.95 CAD
Phonics Games Level D Z
$21.15 CAD $23.50 CAD
Pop for Blends
$15.95 CAD
POP for Letters Game
$15.95 CAD
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