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We have gathered an extensive list full of treasures and discounts for you to peruse. Some are overstocked items, some are discontinued and some we put in here just because! Watch for some of your favorites in these many pages of great deals.

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.Wordsmith Teacher's Guide 2nd Edition Z
CAD 9.95 CAD 8.96
Apples to Apples Junior
CAD 34.95 CAD 31.46
Canada & World Laminated Rolled Maps 2 @ 40x28” Z
CAD 29.95 CAD 26.96
Compact Guide to Ontario Birds Z
CAD 14.95 CAD 13.46
Complete Aquarium Adventure Z
CAD 20.95 CAD 18.86
Follow the Arrows Skateboarder Z
CAD 4.50 CAD 4.05