Five in a Row Unit Studies

When Moms ask what I would have used to teach my 4 to 8 year old, I have to say my favorite unit study is still Five in a Row. A literature based unit study Five in a Row has now being enjoyed by over 100,000 children around the world!.
When a group of home school moms get together and the talk turns to Five in a Row, you will hear comments such as I love Five in a Row!! and My kids love Five in a Row!
If you are new to Five in a Row, let me tell you a little bit about the program. It was developed by Jane Claire Lambert, a home school veteran of 12 years. Each week you read to your child one of the fifty five stories that have won various awards such as Newberry Awards for excellence in literature and Caldecott Awards for excellence in illustrations.
Good literature is a wonderful way to introduce our children to the world around us. Jane Lambert has taken these classic children's stories and successfully developed unit studies which include art, history, vocabulary, geography, science, character qualities, math, language arts, literature studies, health, and writing. All of the favorite classics used in FIAR are available through our catalogue service or the library. Some have gone out of print, some have come back into print!
Also included in FIAR are a suggested schedule, weekly planner, maps, and appendix full of helps for each week. The three volumes of FIAR could be completed in a year if you include the summer weeks, or you could go for a year and a half if you take summer, Christmas and other breaks. You will need to add math and phonics instruction to complete your program.
CHER carries any of the in print stories used in Five in a Row.

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Five in a Row Volume 1 Starter Bundle
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Five in a Row Volume 1 Story Book Bundle
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Five in a Row Volume 1 Story Book Bundle with FIAR1
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Before Five in a Row Starter Bundle
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Five in a Row Volume 2 Starter Bundle
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