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Canadian Home Education Resources

Land Animals

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Shaped Memory Match Tropical Frogs
$16.95 CAD
African Plains 36 Piece Floor Puzzle
$18.95 CAD
Beaver Pond 35 Piece Tray Puzzle
$6.95 CAD
Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book K 2nd Edition
$11.95 CAD
Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book 1 3rd Edition
$16.95 CAD
Elementary Zoology - 6 Book Master Books Curriculum Package
$184.95 CAD
Elephants of Africa
$10.95 CAD
Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds - Third Edition
$40.50 CAD
Favorite Dogs Coloring Book
$6.95 CAD
God's Big Book of Animals
$52.50 CAD
How to Draw Animals
$7.50 CAD
How Would You Survive as a Polar Bear?
$10.95 CAD
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