Horizons Penmanship

Horizons Penmanship is a Bible-based, writing curriculum designed to teach your student the importance of good handwriting skills. Starting with proper letter formations, your student will learn both cursive and manuscript writing. In addition, Horizons Penmanship will develop spelling and reading skills, along with correct penmanship. Your student is sure to love learning to write letters and simple phrases with fun-filled, colorful lessons. Emphasizing letter formation, spacing, capitalization, this Christian homeschool curriculum for grades 1-5 teaches a life-long used skill and can be used a supplemental material or as a main subject. Using Bible verses, Horizons Penmanship integrates biblical truths into practical, easy-to-follow lessons. Themes covered are spelling, vocabulary, and writing.

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Horizons Penmanship 1 Set (Manuscript)
CAD 53.95
Horizons Penmanship 2 Set (Cursive)
CAD 53.95
Horizons Penmanship 3 Set (Cursive)
CAD 53.95
Horizons Penmanship 4 Set (Cursive)
CAD 53.95
Horizons Penmanship 5 Set (Cursive)
CAD 52.95
Horizons Penmanship 5 Workbook (Cursive)
CAD 33.95