What is YOUR HomeSchool Style?

How do you see your home school style?  Has your family been blessed with Charlotte Mason's wisdom and  practical, nurturing style? Would you rather teach using a more academic  and classical approach using the Trivium with its emphasis on a rigorous education including Latin, grammar, and a broad-based study of the liberal arts and sciences? Perhaps you are looking for more of a hands-on, kinesthetic approach. Have you considered Unit Studies, relating every thing your child studies to one topic or theme? Or perhaps you feel your child needs more of an Unschooling approach by letting him learn through play. You may be considering the well researched, better late than early method Raymond & Dorothy Moore prescribed that takes into account how children learn. Perchance you would prefer to follow an eclectic approach, taking the best from each of the different home school styles. If you are looking to find your family's home school style or learn more about a favorite style, there are choices below that may help.