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Canadian Home Education Resources

History with Canadian Content

Canada & Its Trading Partners Grades 6-8
$17.95 CAD
Canada Geography Binder Map
$3.95 CAD
Canada Geography Book
$23.95 CAD
Canada Map Book 2
$13.95 CAD
Canada Map Book 3: Canada and the World
$14.95 CAD
Canada Map Book 5: Exploring Geography
$14.95 CAD
Canada Map Tray Puzzle
$6.95 CAD
Canada to Colour
$18.95 CAD
Canada's Capital Cities Grades 4-6
$19.95 CAD
Canada's Interactions With the Global Community Grade 6
$17.95 CAD
Canada's Provinces & Territories
$24.95 CAD
Canadian Geography and Mapping Skills Grade 3-5
$14.95 CAD
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