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Bees are facinating to study! We have gathered a collections of books about Bees to help you put together a Unit Study of your own. Choose one book as your main book or spine, and then add others to round off your explorations!

You are leading & directing this unit study. Choose the books that excite you and the schedule that works for your family. Enjoy the possibilities for learning open for you!

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Amazing Bees
$6.50 CAD
B is for Bee, P is for Pollen
$25.95 CAD
Backyard Farming: Keeping Honey Bees
$12.50 CAD
Bee Tree
$12.50 CAD
Explore Honey Bees With 25 Great Projects
$22.95 CAD
Hive Detectives: Chronicle of a Honey Bee Catastrophe
$15.95 CAD
Keeper of the Bees
$32.95 CAD
Life and Times of the Honeybee
$10.95 CAD
Save the Bees 1000 Piece Puzzle
$22.95 CAD
What If There Were No Bees?
$13.95 CAD
You Wouldn't Want to Live Without Bees!
$13.95 CAD
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