Other Chemistry Books & Materials

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Basher Science: Complete Periodic Table: All the Elements With Style
CAD 15.95
Cartoon Guide to Chemistry
CAD 24.95
Detective Science
CAD 19.95
Elements Book: A Visual Encyclopedia of the Periodic Table
CAD 29.95
Exploring the World of Chemistry
CAD 20.50
Hands-On Chemistry Activities
CAD 48.95
Happy Atoms Complete Set (50 Atoms)
CAD 223.95
Happy Atoms Educators Bundle (250 Count)
CAD 1119.95
Happy Atoms Introductory Set (17 Atoms)
CAD 86.95
How to Do Science Experiments with Children
CAD 41.95
Janice VanCleave's Chemistry for Every Kid
CAD 19.95
Jumbo Test Tubes with Stand
CAD 21.50