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Northwoods Press publishes Canadian History & Geography that home education students love to study! Check out author Donna Ward's Geography for a great curriculum that will give your students a good grasp of Canadian geography.
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Canada in the Twentieth Century - High School Course
CAD 139.95 CAD 118.96
Canada in the Twentieth Century Basic Bundle
CAD 154.90 CAD 131.67
Canada's Natives Long Ago
CAD 34.95 CAD 29.71
Canada's Natives Long Ago Bundle
CAD 85.30 CAD 72.51
Courage & Conquest Discovering Canadian History Edition 7
CAD 44.95 CAD 38.21
Courage and Conquest Bonus Bundle
CAD 209.25 CAD 177.86
Courage and Conquest Deluxe Bundle
CAD 284.10 CAD 241.49
Courage and Conquest E-Book Deluxe Bundle
CAD 264.10 CAD 224.49
Courage and Conquest E-Book Starter Bundle
CAD 54.85 CAD 46.62
Courage and Conquest Starter Bundle
CAD 74.85 CAD 63.62
Courage and Conquest: Discovering Canadian History Ebook (PDF Digital File)
CAD 24.95 CAD 21.21
Madeleine Takes Command (Northwoods Press Edition)
CAD 9.95 CAD 8.46