Z RightStart Math 1st Edition B 1st Grade Kit CDN Z

Z RightStart Math 1st Edition B 1st Grade Kit CDN Z
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RightStart Math B Starter Kit with Al Abacus Standard

In this level, the child learns the addition facts and adds numbers in the thousands. He learns addition facts with strategies and learns to add 4-digit numbers. Subtraction is delayed until addition is thoroughly understood. Geometry, money, unit fractions, and other math-related topics are also introduced. Place value is emphasized throughout. Level B can be implemented without Level A.

Contains the Lessons, Worksheets, and 13 essential manipulatives needed for RightStart Level B:

  • RightStart™ Mathematics Level B Lessons

  • RightStart™ Mathematics Level B Worksheets

  • AL Abacus Standard

  • Place Value Cards

  • Base Ten Picture Cards

  • Abacus Tiles

  • Cards for Math Games

  • Geoboards

  • Wooden Cubes

  • Colored Tiles

  • Geared Clock

  • Math Balance

  • Tally Sticks - 75 count

  • Geometry Reflector

  • Yellow Is The Sun CD

RightStart™ Mathematics Placement Test

RightStart™ Mathematics Level B Objectives and Sampler

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