Z RightStart Math 1st Edition A Kindergarten Kit CDN

Z RightStart Math 1st Edition A Kindergarten Kit CDN
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Make learning Math Fun!

The beginning level math lessons are best started at age 5, or even sooner, before the child develops a reliance on counting strategies. An early start also helps the child understand quantities based around 5s and 10s. Level A includes place value to the hundreds, addition facts to 10, and some basic geometry.

Starter Kit Level A Standard, includes the Lessons, Worksheets and 10 essential manipulatives for RightStart™ Level A:

  • RightStart™ Mathematics Level A Lessons
  • RightStart™ Mathematics Level A Worksheets

  • AL Abacus Standard

  • Place Value Cards

  • Abacus Tiles

  • Cards for Math Games

  • Geoboards

  • Colored Tiles

  • Geared Clock

  • Geometry Reflector

  • Tally Sticks - 75 count

  • Yellow Is The Sun CD

RightStart™ Mathematics Placement Test

RightStart™ Mathematics Level A Objectives and Sampler

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Series RightStart Math
Format Kit
Grade Level Kindergarden