Story Mapping with Success Z

Story Mapping with Success Z
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Story Mapping with Success

One of the biggest hurdles for children to overcome in story writing is having good ideas and an awareness of how to develop and resolve the story problem. The purpose of this book is to help children develop an inner library of ideas and the ability to plan successful story problems and resolutions through story mapping. It does not involve the story writing process, although it certainly leads there. This is accomplished through the teacher guiding the class in researching picture books and chapters from novels. The research is then collected into idea banks and plot pattern categories.

The idea bank categories are:
1. encounters between characters
2. essential dialogue
3. tricks
4. disasters
5. acts of god
6. force
7. skill
8. courage
9. lucky breaks
10. help
11. hard work
12. truth that is discovered or revealed

The plot pattern categories are:
1. stuck
2. copycat
3. contest
4. circle
5. switch
6. physical or character transformation

When these idea banks and plot patterns are combined with picture graphics of new characters they stimulate imagination so that it is much easier to create an original story map.

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